Frequently Asked Questions

What user categories are there, and what are the registration fees?

We offer three user categories: Athlete, Coach, and Marketer. Sign Up for all three categories is free. However, for a coach to gain exposure to athletes and offer public and private classes, they must select one of three Plans: Basic, Advanced, or VIP. The Basic Plan entails a low monthly fee and a high commission per class, while the VIP Plan offers the opposite arrangement. Nonetheless, these plans feature particularly enticing fees. Athlete costs are solely for participation in classes, determined by the coach's pricing (Online Mental doesn't impose additional costs on classes). A Marketer is a user seeking to earn money by promoting the system. Each time a coach or athlete referred by the marketer pays for a Plan or class respectively, a percentage is earmarked for them.

How is the payment process for classes conducted?

Payments can be made via PayPal or credit card. The payment is initially transferred to Online Mental's account. Only after the system verifies that the class has been conducted (through an automatic mechanism), the payment is then transferred to the coach's wallet. Coaches can access their wallet through the dashboard at any time to check the payment status of each conducted class and withdraw the approved balance to their PayPal account. You can view all the information about upcoming and previous classes, watch completed classes again, download receipts and more through Online Mental's rich dashboard after signing in.

As a coach, what should I do in order to create a public classes?

To publish public classes as a coach, you need to sign up with our system and select one of the three Plans available, tailored to your requirements. Once you've completed this step, you can start posting public classes without limitations. Signed coaches also become visible to a broad audience of athletes who may extend invitations for private classes and one-on-one sessions according to your availability.

What are the services you offer to athletes?

We offer three services. The first allows athletes to join public classes created by different world coaches along with other athletes from around the world. The second allows the athlete to coordinate a one-on-one meeting with coaches from around the world in his free time and according to his spoken language. The third allows the athlete to create a private class that is open to his team members only and with coaches from all over the world according to his choice.

How do you make sure your coaches are professional enough?

Our feedback system generates an average rating for each coach, calculated from ratings provided by athletes who attended their classes. A higher rating reflects a better coach. These ratings are visible to all athletes, and we encourage considering them alongside cost when making decisions.

Are online mental workouts effective as physical sessions?

Unequivocally yes. Unlike physical or technical training that requires equipment, instrumentation, and pitches, in mental training, a face-to-face encounter is sufficient. Such meetings can be conducted using video conferencing technology such as Zoom, which allows you to meet each other without leaving home.

How often should I train mentally per week?

In the mental realm as well as in the physical and technical realms, the more we practice, the more value we get. However, for those who are unable to exercise on a daily basis, our recommendation is to have at least one hour of mental exercise a week.

Why mental training is so important?

Professional athletes participate in sporting events that put a lot of mental pressure on them. In order for the athlete to be able to express his physical fitness and professional ability in these moments, he must train mentally, just as he does in the professional and physical fields.