Yoav Geresh

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About: My name is Yoav Geresh and I teach competitive athletes at all levels how to be mentally tough and win under pressure. I have 10 years experience in mental coaching for athlets and a son who play professional tennis since he was 5 years old. My private one-on-one coaching and dynamic mental toughness workshops will teach you how to embrace pressure, overcome performance anxiety, and shift your focus on demand. With this mental game approach you will learn how to create a process-based mindset that will have you performing at your peak quickly.

Per hour price: 95.00 USD

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Training days and hours

Saturday 23:00-23:59
Sunday 0:00-16:30
Sunday 23:00-23:59
Monday 0:00-16:30
Monday 23:00-23:59
Tuesday 0:00-16:30
Tuesday 23:00-23:59
Wednesday 0:00-16:30
Wednesday 23:00-23:59
Thursday 0:00-16:30
Thursday 23:00-23:59
Friday 0:00-16:30
Friday 23:00-23:59
Saturday 0:00-16:30


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Very good coach

Posted On: 05/04/2024